Gorean Campus

Gorean education in Second Life® since 2011

Always Open ❖ Always Free

For assistance while at Gorean Campus, please contact Kiyah, Tasha, or Flavius Kjalarr

Administrator's Message

Gorean Campus is a free and open educational facility with no raids or forced-collaring. We maintain a culture of good manners and decency, which allows students and guests to study here in peace.

The Campus is non-commercial, and is primarily funded through the generous donations of those who attend classes and events. We are fortunate to have a team of dedicated staff and teachers, who voluntarily share their time and valuable knowledge to help make Gorean Campus a continuing success. Our sincere thanks to all of you!

For more information, access to our groups, or to share an idea that many benefit the Gorean community, please contact a member of the Gorean Campus team in-world.

I wish you well!

Flavius Kjalarr

Campus Administrator-Owner

Tribute to Our Founder

The late Lady Janette Inglewood founded The Gorean Campus in 2011. Having previously managed the Gorean Legal Academy for seven years, Lady Janette discovered the demand for Gorean courses to be exceptionally vibrant. Gorean Campus was born out of her desire to expand the variety of classes and events available to free Goreans and kajiri of Second Life® Gor.

We will always be grateful to Lady Janette for her inspirational vision, and for creating the pinnacle institution that has enriched the lives of so many.

Lady Janette Inglewood

Campus Founder(1962 - 2017)